Color Correction

At Elegant Hair Salon, our Color Correction service is designed to address and rectify hair color issues, whether from at-home dye mishaps, undesired results from previous salon visits, or the natural fading and shifting of color over time. This service is essential for clients who need to fix brassy tones, uneven color, or drastic color changes that didn’t turn out as planned. Our goal is to restore your hair to its desired color and health, ensuring you leave the salon with beautiful, balanced hair.

The Color Correction process begins with an in-depth consultation with one of our highly skilled colorists. During this session, we assess the current state of your hair, discuss your hair color history, and understand your desired outcome. This thorough evaluation allows us to devise a customized correction plan tailored to your specific needs. We may use a variety of techniques, such as color removal, reapplication of color, or tonal adjustments, depending on the complexity of the correction required.

Once the tailored plan is in place, our expert stylists carefully execute the necessary steps to correct your hair color. This might involve multiple processes, such as stripping away the unwanted color, neutralizing undesired tones, and then applying the new, correct shade. Throughout the procedure, we prioritize the health and integrity of your hair by using high-quality products and conditioning treatments to minimize damage and restore strength and shine. After the color correction is complete, we finish with a professional blow-dry and styling session, leaving you with beautifully corrected hair that looks and feels amazing.

At Elegant Hair Salon, our Color Correction service is dedicated to providing a meticulous and restorative experience, ensuring your hair color is flawless and enhances your overall look