Full Highlights

At Elegant Hair Salon, our Full Highlights service is designed to add dimension, depth, and a sun-kissed radiance to your hair. This service involves strategically placing highlights throughout your entire head of hair to create a natural, multi-tonal effect. Whether you’re looking to brighten your overall look, add contrast, or experiment with new shades, our Full Highlights service offers a versatile and personalized solution to enhance your hair’s beauty.

The Full Highlights process begins with a comprehensive consultation where our skilled stylists discuss your desired outcome, assess your hair type, and consider your skin tone to recommend the most flattering highlight shades. Using top-tier products and advanced techniques, we meticulously section your hair and apply the highlight formula, ensuring even distribution and precise placement. Each section is carefully wrapped in foils to allow the color to process without bleeding onto other strands, resulting in clean, vibrant highlights.

At Elegant Hair Salon, we are committed to delivering a luxurious and transformative experience, ensuring you leave with stunning, natural-looking highlights that enhance your overall appearance.