Partial Highlights

At Elegant Hair Salon, our Partial Highlights service is the perfect choice for clients looking to add dimension and brightness to specific areas of their hair. This technique focuses on highlighting certain sections, typically around the face and crown, to create a naturally sun-kissed look without a full head of color. Partial highlights are ideal for those wanting a subtle enhancement or a touch-up between full highlight sessions.

The process begins with a personalized consultation where our expert stylists discuss your desired look and evaluate your hair type and current color. We then decide on the best placement for the highlights to achieve your desired effect. Using high-quality coloring products, our stylists carefully select sections of your hair, often focusing on the top layers and the front strands that frame your face. The chosen sections are then meticulously wrapped in foils after applying the highlighting formula, ensuring precise and clean results.

At Elegant Hair Salon, we pride ourselves on delivering a refined and personalized experience, leaving you with beautifully enhanced hair that adds a fresh, radiant touch to your look.